Why don't I ever see people wearing shirts from that event I hosted? 

Why don't my company's shirts sell, they say our name HUGE on them?

Do you want generic images on a foreign-made, scratchy t-shirt that feels more like cardboard than cotton?  If so, there are hundreds of places online where you can get these done. 

If you want awesome custom images made just for you on American-Made t-shirts, that feel like heaven, you're in the right place!  

You know and love the amazing butter-like comfort of the Specifically Pacific t-shirts.  Well, we started designing and printing some shirts for our friends and they have been a big hit, so now Specifically Pacific™ is offering custom designs that are hand printed on the Specifically Pacific Brand Favorite Shirt™ with NON-TOXIC ink!

Maybe you need more, like stickers, postcards, and business cards.  Specifically Pacific does full visual marketing, custom design, and branding as well.  

Email us now and we will make you look awesome!