Pete Sanok

Artist, Pete Sanok, a designer, maker, and screen printer.  He started doing design for his band in college and has been doing it ever since.  After moving to Chicago, he learned to screen print from activist, Chris Drew, who believed that screen printing was the best way to get art to the most people.  


Pete has been interviewed on the radio, podcasts and written about in local newspapers, multiple Oregon magazines, & a German magazine.  Having never done industrial design, he also took on the task of designing a new replica boat to replace a historic Chelsea Rose, a staple in the Newport community.  

All of his art uses environmentally-friendly inks and pigments.  Pete has designed numerous logos and graphics for other non-profits, clubs, organizations, and businesses and would be happy to help you with yours.  


Nick Lokken

Specifically Pacific recording artist Nick Lokken's acoustic-driven pop and folk melodies create a feel-good energy.  With the help of Specifically Pacific, Nick is writing and performing, looking forward to playing his guitar and singing on the beach, surrounded by thousands of people.  Hear The 101, Love The 101!