Indigo Dye Premium Tee
Indigo Dye Premium Tee

Indigo Dye Premium Tee

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True indigo dye is what gave blue jeans their distinct hue, that perfectly weathers through wear and wash.  Synthetic indigo has become the go-to for modern jeans, but we don't follow fast fashion trends and neither do you. 

We carefully crafted our tee out of premium cotton, with a weave that holds the indigo dye uniquely on each shirt.  With a super subtle 101 on the chest, the fabric stands out most on this tee and so will you. 

  • Made and Dyed In the USA
  • Embellished with our engraved brass label and woven arm tag
  • Laundered Indigo Slub Jersey 100% Cotton
  • 6.0 oz
  • Each shirt has a unique finish
  • True indigo dye - please wash thoroughly before wearing!
  • Potassium wash on light color, and mineral wash on dark to give vintage look